Introduction: Stars in Umbrella

At night, skies are often dark and people would like to see the beautiful images of the sky as we see in photos. But because of air pollution and light pollution, so we wouldn't be able to find that kind of skies in our daily life, also, when we walk on the streets at night, it is really dangerous when it rains, which drivers would not be able to see you, and it would cause accidents.

This idea was made one day when it was raining. When I was sitting in the car, looking out at the windows, and saw a person who was walking with dark-colored clothes and umbrella, I found out that it was really dangerous, so I started making this umbrella that would have lights that would make life at raining nights safer.

There is a video of what it will be like below👇


Prepare all of the things that are needed, you would need LED light bulbs, you can choose the color of white, purple, red, and any colors that you like. Then the most important thing that you need is the umbrella, which is the main object in this project, the umbrella can be any color that you like, but as you can see from the title, we are going to make an umbrella as the night sky, which I would pick an umbrella that is black so that it would be more likely to be like a night sky. You can also prepare paint so that you may decorate the umbrella and make it more like a night sky. To make the light bulbs light up, you would need the wire and electricity, prepare about 30 wires in order to connect the light bulbs and the electricity. Last but not least, you would have to prepare a computer or a mobile charger to make the lights on.


Start to make the program, as I have made the code👇


Plug the wires, light bulbs on to the Arduino board, remember to make sure the positive and negatives are at the right positions, or else it wouldn’t work. The route of the wire is as it shows above👆


Time for decorating!!!

Open the umbrella and start putting in your artistic sense, stick the light bulbs on to the umbrella, you can use it in different paths and orders, but don’t let the wires to be messed up. Then use paint to draw some different on to the umbrella to make it looks like a unique night sky. Tape the light bulbs steady on the umbrella so that you make sure it wouldn’t fall off


Make sure that all of the wires are in the right place and are all placed steady, stick the Arduino mowed on to the umbrella, and cover it so that it wouldn’t be seen. Plug the electricity in so that the lights would light up. Then you are done!!!!


This is a video of the umbrella, enjoy~remember to like, share, and subscribe!♥️♥️♥️