Introduction: LEGO High Performance E-Kart

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Hey guys! In this Instructable, I will show you how to make a LEGO High-Performance E-Kart. Just follow the picture instructions to construct the build. You do not need to have your LEGO pieces be exactly matching in color. They just need to be the right shape and size.

Step 1: The Parts

Step 2: The Chassis

Step 3: The Chassis

Step 4: The Chassis

Step 5: The Chassis

Step 6: The Chassis

At this point, you could take your chassis and do whatever you like with it if you would like to use it as a starting platform for your own LEGO Kart.

Step 7: Adding Structure

The front of the kart has angled 1x2s to create a downforce wing.

Step 8: Adding Structure

Step 9: Adding Structure

Step 10: Cockpit

Step 11: Rear Bumper

Make sure you have these pieces for the next step.

Step 12: Rear Bumper

Step 13: Rear Bumper

Step 14: Rear Bumper

Step 15: Attachment of Bumper

Step 16: Bumper

Step 17: Adding Contours

Step 18: Adding Contours

Step 19: Adding Contours

Step 20: Venting

Thes vents go on both sides of the front of the kart directly behind the wheels.

Step 21: Finishing Rear Bodywork

Step 22: Finishing Rear Bodywork

Step 23: Finishing Rear Bodywork

Step 24: Rear of Kart Finished

The rear of your kart should look like this when completed.

Step 25: Front Hood

Step 26: Front Hood

Step 27: Front Hood

Step 28: Hinge for Hood

This hinge is crucial to getting the right shape for the kart. You can improvise if you like, but the kart may not look the same.

Step 29: Hinge for Hood

Step 30: Hood Assembly

Step 31: Hood End Product

Step 32: Hood Attachment

Step 33: Hood Attachment

Step 34: Side Panels

Step 35: Side Panels

Step 36: Side Panels

Step 37: Side Panels

Step 38: Side Panels

Thes angle pieces are needed to attach the panels perpendicularly to the chassis.

Step 39: Side Panels

Step 40: Side Panels

Step 41: Side Panel Attachment

Step 42: All Done!

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and found it easy and fun to build! Now go and enjoy your new LEGO E-Kart!