Introduction: LEGO Rush Coil

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This tutorial shows you how to build a pretty decent Rush from Mega Man that can be built from Lego bricks you have around the house. I've entered this for the Fandom contest so please vote!

Check out this tutorial by Brick 101 on how to build that Mega Man.

Step 1: The Parts:

Here are the parts you will need - feel free to substitute or change parts:

2x 1x1 round tiles with printed eyes. You can use white studs if necessary.

Black stud

5x translucent red (or normal red) studs

4x translucent orange (or normal orange) studs

4x tan/peach studs

2x headlight bricks - red

2x 2x2 round bricks - red

2x2 round brick or plate - depending on what you have (or want) - red

2x2 round tile - red

2x 1x4 red plates

1x2 tan/peach tile

2x 1x2 tan/peach plates

1x2 tan/peach grill

5 stud long (or shorter) axle

Technic bushing (you can use a 1/2 bushing)

2x 1x1 red plates with horizontal clips

4x 1x1 red plates with vertical clips

1x2 red brick with technic cross hole

2x 1x2 red plates with horizontal clips

3 stud long white bar. You can really use any colour here, but the best ones are white, red, tan or brown.

3x 1x2 jumper plates in red (you can use dark red, as I have done)

1x2 tan/peach jumper plate

2x 1x2 red plates

1x1 tan/peach brick with studs on two sides

1x1 tan/peach brick with a stud on one side

1x1 brick with studs on all sides - also known as the Travis brick - this can be any colour

1x2 plate with horizontal clip

Step 2: Building the Body

Just follow the pictures, it is pretty self-explanatory.

Step 3: Constructing the Legs

The front and hind legs.

Step 4: Crafting the Head

You're nearly finished!

Step 5: Final Touches

Just add the head and spring, and you're done!

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