Introduction: LOTR One Ring Out of a Soda Can!

Ever since reading The Lord of the rings I've wanted a Lord of the Rings ring but I did not want to buy one. I then saw an empty can on a table and said that could be useful!


A can


Gold/yellow paint

fine tip marker

Step 1: Cutting the Can!

Cut a slit down the middle then cut off the top and bottom parts. Keep the bottom if you want a display stand and discard the top of the can.

Step 2: Folding the Can (the Hard Part)

Fold about 1/2 inch down. Then repeat until you only have one strip of can. TIP use tweezers or pliers to fold the can down.

Step 3: Making the Ring!

Now curl the can into a ring shape to fit your finger! TIP cut excess can off to make it easier. Fold down the edge to hold the other edge. BEWARE OF CUTS I strongly suggest you wear work gloves while doing this step!

Step 4: The Finishing Touches!

Next wrap your ring in paper like in picture above you may need to tape the paper in some places (the paper prevents cuts and provides a comfortable fit!). Then take your gold/yellow paint (it does not matter what kind of paint you use but spray paint would stick best!) and apply it however you want. For spray paint paint the top and then come back the next day flip it, and do the bottom. Now use a fine point marker and write the markings for the ring (If you cant see the full picture above google LOTR one ring markings). Once dried you can wear it and rule middle earth!!!!

This is my first instuctable so please share this to other LOTR fans!

Step 5: Stand for Ring (extra)

For the stand take the bottom of the can that you previously cut off and fold the edges in(see pictures). For the actual design you can get as creative as you want. I chose the eye of Sauron.