Introduction: Lace Set: Bralette & Panties

Hello, guys! This instructable is mostly for girls. So we are going to sew a lace bralette and panties set. It suits for small breast girls much better (I’m sorry but I really want to offense nobody).

Step 1: What Is Needed

1. The main material is an elastic lace – 2 meters (16 cm width)

2. Elastic band for straps – 90 cm (or you can use readymade straps)

3. Elastic band for panties and bralette – is a length of under the breast measurement plus hips measurement

4. Threads in color of lace

5. 20 cm of any knitwear fabric to make a panties gusset (in a color of you lace)

6. Fitting: two rings, two frames and fastener

For sewing lingerie, you have to use any elastic stitching (one-step zigzag or three-step zigzag).

For stitching cups details you have to use 4-thread overlock or you may use simple or three-step zigzag.

I do not have overlock so Im going to use simple zigzag on my sewing machine (zigzag width - 5, stitch length - 2.5)

Step 2: Making a Pattern

These are the patterns that you need to make. You can see all measurements (I made small cups pattern. If you want to sew it for the big breast you should increase the pattern measurements).

Step 3: Cut Out the Details

Cut out all details: 2 halves of 2 cups, 2 back halves and 2 front halves of panties, bralette belt. Cut out the lace belt for bralette according to under the breast measurement. Cut out so that beautiful festoons pattern is placed symmetrically on the left and right details. Seam inlay for stitching lingerie is always 7 mm.

Step 4: Prepare Fitting

The base of bralette and panties is an elastic band.

Cut the band according to under the breast measurement. Taking into account that the elastic band will be stretched to the figure you need to minus 2-4 cm from the under the breast measurement and 4 сm plus for fastener processing (or you can just fit the band to your body and make comfort length that you need).

Measure the length of the straps (if it’s not ready made): Length of armhole (sidepiece of the cup) plus straps length from the top of the cup through the shoulder to the bralette belt. Plus 7 сm for length control and seams.

Step 5: Stitching Details

Stitch the bralette cup details (elastic stitch or zigzag) and 2 back halves and 2 front halves of panties (by any elastic stitch or zigzag). Than bend the seam to the side (left or right as you want but symmetrically) and make re-stitch on the face side.

Do not use the straight stitch!!! Otherwise the seam may burst.

Than stitch back and front of panties. Cut out the gusset and stitch to the panties (only here you can use straight stitch). Take a measured band and stitch two ends by tight zigzag. Then put the panties under the band and make a stitch.

Step 6: Almost Finished

Stitch together bralette cups and belt. Put the bralette on the elastic band and stitch.

Make a straps, stitched them to the cups and to the belt. Than stitch a fastener to the belt.


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