Introduction: Easy Beginner Paratha for Your Valentine

Valentines day is not necessary to do something special for your loved one. If you look closer, every day can be a valentines day.

If you are a new cook, or a newly wedded couple, and you want to impress your wife*/ hubby, this Instructable is a must try. (*my personal favourite if a man cooks this for his wife)

Why do I support this Ible?? In india/ pakistan what men love the most is actually a paratha. My man don't fancy some onion ringed fried egg/ or a heart shaped sausage. What he like the most is some stuffed paratha and specially the variety what is soft chewy inside and crispy outside ( while hot)

Today i will share with you a technique i use for my paratha.

Step 1:

Knead and let the whole wheat flour rest for 15-20 min. Now role it into a ball and flatten it out

Step 2: Timecto Apply Ghee ( Oil of Your Choice )

We personally like our paratha in ghee.. so it is time to spead some generous amount of ghee on your flatted dough and spread it.

Dust some whole wheat powder on top of it

Step 3: Make a Fan or Accordion Shape

follow pictures.

As you can see that my flattened dough doesn't show the signs on oil, that is because there is none used what i took these pics ( i will soon replace them with the oil ones till then practice with the folds Along with spreading oil and sprinkling with flour.)

In our childhood , remember we used to make paper fans ,?? If u r not familiar with paper fans .. if is simply accordion fold.

Step 4: Flatten It Up

with light pressure of rolling pin flatten it up

Once you make the folds ( DONT press harder on the folds) roll them as shown in the picture)

Step 5: Keep Flattening It Up

use some dusting to achieve the flattened round sheet

Step 6: Place It on Hot Stove.

fry with some ghee ( clarified butter)

Step 7: Ready to Eat

ready to eat, devour

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