Introduction: Lantern Fishbowl

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The Lantern Fishbowl is a dead simple IKEA hack for making a fun stylish fishbowl. Basically, it involves removing the protective inner glass and replacing it with a vase. This simple mod allows you to add some life to your domesticile.

Step 1: Go Get Stuff

You will need:

(x1) IKEA SOLMYS Lantern
(x1) IKEA CYLINDER vase set
(x1) Fishbowl gravel
(x1) Fish

Step 2: Remove

Take the glass shield out of the lantern.

Step 3: Add

Pour the gravel into the bottom of the medium-sized vase from the set.

Step 4: Fill

Fill the vase with water.

Although I use tap water in the picture, you should really used steam distilled water from the grocery store.

Step 5: Insert

Put the filled vase inside the lantern.

Step 6: Fish

Put the fish into its new home.

Step 7: Close

Put the lid back on the lantern.