Introduction: Lantern Stand

I combined solar lamps and wooden simple construction for my backyard entrance.

Solar lamps have been developed lately and offer a nice way of lighting during the night, without electric connection and cost, beyond the initial purchase.

Step 1: Pallet Wood

I used the known pallet wooden beams to create vertical and horizontal tandems. Holes lighten both the structure and the weight; moreover provide a modern and industrial look.

Usual tools like circular saw, sanders, hand saw, drill, screw drivers etc. are necessary as always to complete this project.

Step 2: Simple Woodwork

Height of the structure is 90cm and width 50cm, while width of the beams is 10cm. Distance between also 10cm, kept by a wooden cube from the pallet base and the beams thickness 2cm.

There are some imperfections on the wood yet, due to nails or some damages of prior use, but this is what you accept with reclaimed wood and you like the nature of the final result.

Step 3: Details

I sanded them many times to create a smooth surface and finally stained with Pine color. Repeated layers, offer a deep color, protection against weather elements yearly round.

Step 4: Solar Lamps

Lamps were fixed on small wooden bases and left being extended vertically, like stalactites. Connected with the collector at the back side, unavoidably cables should be hidden under a wooden cover.

Step 5:

The base was surrounded by wider beams beveled at 45 degrees with circular saw. The construction seems more robust near the base, where boulders were placed around to keep it steady on the ground and complete the landscape.

Step 6: By Night

The lamps change colors in dark continuously and provide a pleasant multicolor ceaseless combination. They come ready, are low cost and easily found in garden and tools shops.