Introduction: Lap Slide Guitar Skate Board

To start off, I don't want to take full credit for this idea as it is not my idea. I saw some people online create similar ones but never found a step by step. I got all the parts needed and decided to make one. Here is my version, I am not a guitar builder so if there are things that could have been better let me know.

Step 1: Gather Parts and Print Fret Measurements

I was able to order all my parts online, here is a list of the parts.

Skate Board - Doesn't have to be new but if it is used, make sure it is solid.

Guitar Bridge

Guitar Nut

6 Tuners

Pick up with pots and input jack


Below will vary with above parts.

2 - 1/8 inch x 1 inch Stainless Steel washer (Home depot)

2 - #6-32 x 1 inch Stainless Steel Machine Screw (Home Depot) Cut to length

5 - Wood screws for Bridge and nut (had these on hand)

Painters Tape

Dry Erase Marker or wax pencil (something you can remove the marks with)



Drill and or a Drill Press ( I should have used mine but I was lazy)

Drill bits

Hole Saw bit (or Forstner bit)



Screw Driver

Punch (or nail)

Ruler or tape measure

Step 2: Mark All Places for Tuners

Pick a side to put the tuners on.

Measure the placement of the holes and drill the holes to the size you need.

I should have used my Drill press but was too lazy to get it out, and my holes being so close to the edge chipped a bit. If you have a Drill press I would use it.

Step 3: Mark All Places for the Bridge

Mark out where you want the bridge, I used two of the holes for the trucks (the rear ones). I used washers to make it more stable. Cut the bolts to the length you will need so they do not stick out and poke your legs. ***note on the last photos, I had goofed and had to put new holes to bring the bridge back further.*** (Sticker is to cover the wholes).

Step 4: Mark All Places for the Nut

Measure from the end of the Bridge 20 1/2 inches. Mark where the holes should be and screw it down.

Step 5: Pickup Hole

I marked where I wanted to cut the pickup hole out then traced it with painters tape. I did this to prevent the board from getting scratched when I used a Jigsaw to cut the whole. I used a "scroll" blade to make the tight turns. Do not mount the pickup yet, you will do that after painting.

Step 6: Fret Board

Next use painters tape to make "fret" marks on the board. Use the PDF attached to this page (same one that is at the beginning of this), it will have the measurements of the fret board. This is very time consuming, try not to rush it. Make sure you use some kind of check off list to mark which frets you completed. After you taped them all off make sure you also put paper around the board so you do not get off spray on the wood. Next put a coat of spray paint on the fret marks. I only did one coat. I waited 30 mins and carefully peeled off the painters tape.

Step 7: Frets After Painting

Here are what the frets look like after painting. You should not ever touch the frets with the strings when playing because they are really just "markers" for where you are at on the fret board.

Step 8: Install Pickup

Next pick where you want to put your pots and drill holes where you want them. Next using a hole bit drill out some of the wood so your pots can go below the surface of the board. I did not take photos of me doing this... which I wish I did. I think I had to go a little over half way through the board to get the nut side of the pot to have some tread to tighten the bolt. I also had to use a wood chisel to take out some wood for the lugs of the pots to go under... but you could always make the wholes wider than I did and not have to do that. I also used the chisel to take the "donut" part of the wood out after I used the hole bit. Screw down the pots and pickup and you are good to go. I think I am going to cover this part with some plastic (from a thick plastic file folder).

Step 9: Completed Board

Here are some shots of the completed Lap Slide Guitar Skate Board.

Ready to be stringed.

My main instrument is Percussion, and I am not a very good guitarist, so I am sure there are things that could have been done better. Ideas are always welcome.

Step 10: *OPTIONAL*

I may add this cover over the bridge if I feel I need it. Going to play it a bit before I decide.