Introduction: Laser Engraving on Shoes and Boots

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We did this at Techshop

Sorry I don't have close up pictures, but this video will show you what you can do with your shoes.

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Step 1: Size Up

First take of your shoes and get the dimensions of your work area.

Then place the boot in the printer and manually set the z-depth height to focus the laser.

In this case we had to place cardboard under the back of the boot just to make the working surface area more flat.

Close the lid and get ready to choose your design.

Step 2: Choose Your Design & Go

Pick your Design In CorelDRAW (This was a classmates design)

It is best to set your image to Black and White, but in this case blue is okay.

Next Click print and choose the Trotec laser to print to.  Click Print (Send to JobControl)

A Intermediate Printer Dialog will appear. We are going to choose our settings.

Material = Leather
Engraving Power = 80
Speed = 70

Take the cut color and choose skip, so that the machine only etches.

Click Okay,

On the machine move the laser to the printing location.

Use drop control to insert your design, hit start and there ya go.

When your done all should look good.  If not change your power and/ or do another run to etch again.