Introduction: Laser Football

About: Electronics DIY Club in wuxi China.

Laser+football+radar= laser football athletics interactive games.

Step 1:

Recently we have designed a play-to-laser interactive game.

Traditional games with a brand new playing method, gathering laser machine and projector, give us a cyberimmersion experience.

Step 2:

Firstly, we hoist two laser machines above the place, adjust the project scope. We place two 10 watt laser machines to project different parts. Control and calibrate project areas by PANGOLIN controller and BEYOND software.

Step 3:

Our game is reference for the footballs, including timing mode and scoring mode. Game starts immediately while plays stand on themselves’ locations.

Step 4:

Check everyone’s location by radar.

Sound and animation effect will be triggered when player scores.

Step 5:

System will judge the winner when game is over. The spotlight will shine on the winner and play victory background music on loop for 30 seconds.

Let’s take a look at the final result!