Introduction: Last Minute Christmas Breakfast Table & Red Decor

I wanted to see the traditional red mixed into my Christmas decor so I created a last minute tablescape for my breakfast table. Enjoy this last minute tablescape idea. I know you can do it. There are tons of inexpensive faux flowers out there. Let's go to work!

Step 1: Supplies for the Flowers in the Snow

Epson Salt

Faux Flower Bouquets (4 to 6 large bouquets will do. Shop Dollar Tree or Walmart.)

Option: 1 small floral ring

5" Glass Vase

Pine Cones

Floral Wire

Step 2: Supplies for Wreath and Swag

Wreath Supplies

20" of Ribbon to attach the wreath to the swag

9 Faux Flower Bouquets

Hot Glue Gun

12" Wire Wreath or Foam (Since I already had a wire wreath, I covered it with pieces of fabric from an old shirt.)

Wire Cutters

Swag Supplies

4 Assorted Art Stems (They are actually cuttings from an old flower arrangement. You can find these at Target or the Dollar Stores.)

Hot Glue Gun

3 Bouquets of Holly Berries from the Dollar Tree

One pine cone

Step 3: Now Checkout This Video With All of the Instructions! Merry Christmas!