Introduction: Lavender Heart

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Equipment needed:
• Card
• A pencil
• A ruler
• Fabric (of your choice)
• Thread and a needle
• 3-4 Pins (5-6 if you are a starter)
• Stuffing
• A handful of dried lavender
• Buttons
• Ribbon (about 6-7 cm)

Step 1: Heart Template

• First, you need to fold a piece of card in half and find something cylindrical, like a small jar lid or a reel of tape.
• Now draw round the object at the edge of the card where you have folded it.
• Next, using a ruler draw a straight line from the circle to the edge of the card.
• Once the line is drawn, you can cut round the half heart and when that is un-folded you will have a whole heart.

Step 2: Prepare for Sewing

• Now you have cut out your heart template, you can draw round it twice on the reversed side of your fabric.
• Once this is done you can cut out the two hearts and pin them so the reversed side is showing.

Step 3: Sewing Time!

• Now that your hearts are pinned you can start doing running stitch around the edge of the two hearts about 3mm away from the edge. Make sure you leave a 3 cm!
• After that turn the heart inside out.

Step 4: Stuffing

• Now you can stuff the heart, but make sure you add the lavender as you stuff otherwise, the heart won't smell of lavender evenly.

Step 5: Ladder Stitch

• To sew up the hole the best use ladder stitch because it is also called the invisible stitch.

Step 6: Decoration

• Now you can add decoration, I would recommend using ribbon so that you can hang the heart up.
• To cover up the stitching where the ribbon is sewn on you can put buttons over the top or a bow.

Step 7: Thank You!

Ways you can use this lavender heart:
• As a gift for, a wedding or birthday.
• To hang up around your house to make it smell nice.
• Or just to use a decoration!

Thank you so much for reading this guide on how to make a lavender heart!