Introduction: Learning About Redstone in Minecraft

This is part 2 of a two part series where I show you the fundamentals of Redstone. Please look at the first part of this series before you look at this one. We will be looking at T- flip flops, RS norlaches, and gates, or gates, pulse lengtheners, and pulse shorteners. All of these are formal terms for Redstone designs.   

Step 1: T Flip Flops

A T flip flop basically makes a button do what a lever would do. The reason "Redstoners" use T flip flops is because buttons are more convenient you can have multiple in puts while a lever usually limits you to one. How to make one: first place a block then put a button on it. next put a sticky piston right in front of the block facing up. After that put a block right in front of the sticky piston. On top of that block put a repeater facing away from the sticky piston. Next put a block on top of the piston. When you are done with that put a sticky piston right in front of the block facing  away from it. Then put a block on top of it. In front of the piston dig a one block deep hole and put a redstone torch in the center of that hole. next put a block one block up and one block in front of the redstone torch. Then put redstone wiring on one of the blocks to the side of the redstone torch and hook it up to your out put.  How: it works. When the piece of redstone dust is powered so it the block which activates the first piston the the repeater pulls the redstone pulse through and pushes it into the next block which powers it. This powers the piston which grabs the block and brings it over the redstone torch. This powers the block which powers the wiring that goes to the out put. 

Step 2: RS Norlatch

The RS NOR latch is a useful tool in redstone. What it does is it gives you two inputs one to activate the out put one to turn it off. You can't use the activator to deactivate, or the input that turns it off to turn it on. How to make it. First place a block down then put a button on it. After that put a redstone torch on the side of the block. Then place another block 2 blocks away from the torch and two blocks down from it. Next put a redstone torch on the side if the block facing the other one. Connect the two blocks with some redstone wiring. Then put redstone wiring from the back of the first block you placed to your output. It will look like the pictures.

Step 3: And Gates

and gate. An and gate makes it so their has to be multiple inputs active to power the out put. This is use full for combination locks.
How to make it: First build a wall 3 blocks high and 5 blocks wide. Then put three levers down one block apart from each other. Then put some redstone wiring behind the block of the middle lever. Then put redstone torches on the other blocks behind the levers. and put redstone wiring under the torches then put a repeater facing a way from the wall in front of all the wiring. and put a block infron of that. Then place another block in front of the ones you just placed and put a piece of redstone on it. After that connect the blocks with more blocks in between the three end ones and connect all the pieces of redstone with more wiring. Then bring the wiring from the two end blocks and the middle block down and out tow from the back and connect them then hook that up to the out put. Refer to th pictures 

Step 4: Or Gates

This one is really simple its called the or gate because if one of the inputs is on so it is the out put. Very simple. How to make it: Put two inputs down then connect the wiring for both of them into one. That is it. To add a little extra you could put repeaters where they connect to avoid feed back. 

Step 5: Pulse Lengthener

These are used to increase the amount of time a pulse sent from a button is alive. How to make it: Place a block then put a button on it. Then put a repeater facing away from the block. After that put another block then another repeater and so on for as long as you need it. After that put some redstone wiring right next to the repeaters all the way to your out put. 

Step 6: Pulse Shorteners

these are use to shorten the signal sent out by a button. How to make it: First place a block with a button on it. Next build out with three pieces of redstone from behind the block next put a repeater next to the one farthest back and connect it. the put a block in front of the redstone and the repeater put the repeater out two ticks. After that put a torch on top of the one the redstone is going into, and a torch on the side of the block the repeater is going into. Hook up your out put to that torch. Refer to the pictures.