Introduction: Minecraft TNT Cannon (reloads and Fires With the Input of One Button!!!)

This cannon will launch a block of active TNT at you target with the touch of a button Enjoy the instructable! It launches the block of TNT up to 80 blocks!

Step 1: What You Need

1.) 25 pieces of redstone
2.) 25 repeaters
3.) 1 bucket of water
4.) 10 dispensers
5.) 64 building blocks (dirt, wood, cobblestone, stone brick, ect.)
6.) 10 redstone torches
7.) 1 button  
8.) at least 8 TNT blocks
9.) one half slab <-important 

Step 2: Building the Skeleton

Now you need to use the building blocks to create the frame of the cannon. First build straight out 9 blocks.Then put two sides on it one block above the original line and the same length. the put a slab at end you want the TNT to be launched from, and a block at the end you want your trigger to go. Refer to the pictures.

Step 3: Building the Skeleton Continued

build out 3 blocks from the second block in on one side then build all the way down to the half slab then connect it. Refer to the pictures.

Step 4: Adding Dispensers and the Button

Remember the building blocks you used  to make the bottom in step 2? Well take away the middle 7 and replace them with dispensers facing up wards. So basically the only two building blocks on the bottom are the one under the half slab and the one on the opposite side of the half slab. Then put a dispenser facing the half slab on the side of the cannon with the c shaped structure that juts out of the side. Put the button all the way at the end of the cannon opposite of the half slab. Refer to the pictures. 

Step 5: Redstone!

Go to the c shaped structure that just out of the side of the cannon. It hard to explain this in words so just look at the picture. Remeber to put all repeaters to 4 ticks on this part. 

Step 6: Now We Are Going to Add Water and More Red Stone

Put water at the end opposite of slab. Then go the side of the cannon opposite of the c shaped structure And build a wall one block away from the dispensers under the cannon and the same hight as them. Then put torches on every block next to a dispenser on the side facing the cannon. Refer to the pictures. 

Step 7: More Redstone.

next put repeaters facing all the blocks with the torches on them and connect them by putting a line of redstone behind them then connect it to the button. Once you are done with that put at lest one block of TNT in every dispenser keep the repeaters you just placed at one ticks. It will look like the picture.  

Step 8: Fire!

Press the button and it will automatically load and fire. The TNT will launch varying distances. Have fun operating you TNT cannon. It is great for castles, ship and bases! I hope you enjoyed the instructable. Check out my youtube channel!