Introduction: Leather Clutch Bag

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You can have this acrylic pattern from here:

The finished size is: 8.7" x 4.5" x 1.2" (22cm x 11.5cm x 3cm).


Leather: We advice 1.0mm (2.5oz) leather, size 45cm x 90cm;

Hardware: No.5 zipper 60cm x1, No.5 silider x1, No.3 zipper 20cm x1, magenetic button 12mm x4, some cloth.

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here:

Step 1: Let Me Introduce How to Make a Zipper.

Step 2: Make the Card Slot.

Step 3: Paint Glue Under Bottom Cut Opening.

Step 4: Glue Cloth On.

Step 5: Paint Glue on the Middle Cut Opening.

Step 6: Fold the Cloth and Glue Half of the Painted Area.

Step 7: Glue the Second Cloth on the Other Half of Painted Area.

Step 8: Do the Same Step As Above.

Step 9: Now We Finish the Outside Card Slot.

Step 10: Now We Glue Card Slot Leather With Magenetic Button Leather. Thin Edges and Paint Glue.

Step 11: Glue Them Together.

Step 12: Punch Holes on One Side.

Step 13: Glue Magenetic Buttons on and Cover Them With Round Piece Leather.

Step 14: Punch the Stitching Holes Around the Left Edges.

Step 15: Now We Make the Surface. the Surface Is Made by 2 Pieces of Leather Glue With Each Other Flesh Side to Flesh Side.

Step 16: We Glue Magnetic Buttons On, You Should Notic the N and S Side of the Magnetic Button. This 2 Magnetic Buttons Should Have the Different Side With Last Magnetic Buttons.

Step 17: Paint Glue and Glue Them Together. Here Please Notice That: the Lining Piece Is Smaller Than the Surface One, Then When You Glue Them, the Finished Work Will Be Bend Naturally.

Step 18: Punch Stitching Holes Around.

Step 19: Glue Zipper on Inner Pouch.

Step 20: Sew Along the Zipper Hole to Sew Zipper On.

Step 21: Fold the Inner Pouch and Sew Bottom Stiching Line.

Step 22: Sew Gusset As Picture Shows.

Step 23: Install Zipper Puller.

Step 24: Now We Hand Install Zipper, It Is a Very Skilled Tech, But With This Instruction You Will Understand Well. First Sew Line Along Edges, the Line Should Be 5-6mm From the Edges.

Step 25: Make Mark on the Middle of Zipper, Also on Middle of Zipper Leather.

Step 26: Paint Glue Outside of Line, and Glue Zipper On, Here I Stop Explain, Please Look at the Pictures Carefully.

Step 27: Do the Same Steps to Glue the Other Side of the Zipper.

Step 28: Install Slider On.

Step 29: Close the Zipper.

Step 30: Glue the Tip End.

Step 31: Open the Zipper.

Step 32: Now We Sew Pen Slot On.

Step 33: Thin Edges, Fold an Glue.

Step 34: Glue Pen Slot on the Right Place.

Step 35: Sew Inner Pouch On, Covers the Pen Slot.

Step 36: Now We Make Small Card Slot.

Step 37: Sew First Card Slot on Card Slot Back Leather, Only Sew Bottom Stitching Line.

Step 38: Sew Second Card Slot on Card Slot Back Leather, Only Sew Left Stitching Line.

Step 39: Sew Top Stitching Line, Then You Will Have One More Card Slot on the Left.

Step 40: Sew Top Stitching Line of the Picture Slot.

Step 41: Key Step! Sew Bottom Stitching Line, Zipper Leather and Card Slot Together.

Step 42: Then the Clutch Is OK.