Introduction: Leather Craft Hack (small Strait Screwdriver)

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If your just getting into leather craft and don't have a lot of money to spend on tools or your like me and are a backyard leather crafter or anything between or above, I have a great hack for you that will literally cost you no money or time!

Step 1: A Screwdriver

A small strait screwdriver( which I'm sure you all have) works great for a chisel end punch and makes a clean slotted hole that looks great and is easier to sew through if you are sewing by hand or using a sewing awl! If you punch holes in leather you should try it! And if you use a chisel rake the screwdriver can get into small corners that a rake can't and will match the hole a rake makes. The screwdriver that I use is a cheap Chinese brand without any modifications at all and it has worked well for years.

Step 2: That's All There Is to It

I hope you enjoy this hack it really has worked well for me! If you do use it please let me know!