Introduction: Leather LOVE Bracelet


Step 1: Leather LOVE Bracelet - Supply List

Leather or vinyl scraps

Craft paper to make your pattern

Rotary cutter

Exacto knife

Pen or marker

Spray adhesive or E-6000 glue

Heavy Duty Leather hole punch

Long nose pliers

Binder clips

Jump rings (gold or silver)

Jewelry clasps

Sewing machine - optional

Step 2: Leather LOVE Bracelet

Measure your wrist and then decide the width of your

bracelet. I choose 1 ½ x 6 ½ and then cut out two different pieces of leather (one solid & one with a texture or print) the same size. I went with the word LOVE and created a pattern piece from paper and made sure the word was flipped backwards to show others when they look at the bracelet.

Take your Exacto knife and cut the letters out nice & slow to create a clean finish.

Then spray or glue the two pieces together quickly before they dry. If needed you can use binder clips to hold the pieces together while they dry overnight.

Once the pieces are completely dry you can stitch around the word to secure it. Then select where you will punch the holes to add the jump rings and clasps to complete your bracelet.

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