Introduction: Leather Backpack

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You can have this acrylic pattern here:

The finished size is: 15.7" x 11.8" x 4.3" (40cm x 30cm x 11cm).


Leather: 2.0mm (5oz) leather for surface, size 90cm x 95cm.

1.0mm(2.5oz) leather for lining, size 40cm x 21cm.

Hardware: 20mm saddle buckle x2, 25mm bar buckle x2, 8mm x 6mm rivet x20, 9mm x 4mm Chicago screw x6, 17mm No.5 zipper x1, No.5 slider x1.

Tools: If you are a new leather player, try to considerate to have tool kit here:

Step 1: Let Me Show You How to Make Zipper.

Step 2: Cut All Leather Pieces Use Acrylic Pattern. the Surface and Strap Uses 2.0mm Leather, the Inner Pocket Uses 1.0mm Leather.

Step 3: Now We Make Main Body, You Can Finish Some Small Things at First.

Step 4: Thin 4 Edges of Bottom Piece and Bottom Strengthen Pieces.

Step 5: Paint Glue on 2 Edges, and Fold to Flesh Side.

Step 6: After Folding Edges, the Bottom Pieces Will Be Better Looking.

Step 7: Sew Bottom Strengthen Leather on Bottom Leather As Picture Shows.

Step 8: Sew One Folded Edge of Side Outside Pocket Leather.

Step 9: And Then Sew Bottom, Side Outside Pocket, and Side Leather Together. Look at the Picture Carefully. You Should Do the Same Steps on the Other Side.

Step 10: Of Course, You Should Thin 4 Edges of Back Leather and Fold the Top Edge, We Prepare to Sew Back Leather With the Side and Bottom Combination.

Don't forge sew taps on.

Step 11: Thin 4 Edges of Front Outside Pocket, Fold the Top Edge and Sew.

Step 12: Sew Front Pocket With Front Leather Together, Only Sew Middle Stitching Line.

Step 13: Glue Zipper on Zipper Hole and Sew It on Inner Pocket Front Leather.

Step 14: Then, Glue Inner Pocket Front Piece With Back Piece to Form an Inner Pocket, But, DON'T Sew the Opening, We Will Sew Later.

Step 15: Now We Glue 2 Shoulder Belts, Handle, Main Strap With Back Beam Leather, Please Look at the Picture Carefully. There Are Orienting Lines on Pattern to Show the Exact Place for Beam Leather.

Step 16: Sew Beam Leather On, But STOP at the Picture Showed Place.

Step 17: Put Inner Pocket on Main Body Back Leather's Flesh Side, and Go on Sewing, the Inner Pocket Will Be Sewn on Back Leather's Flesh Side.

Step 18: Now We Install Saddle Buckle on Main Body Front Leather by Using Rivets, There Is Mark Points on Pattern.

Step 19: Now We Sew Main Body Front Piece With Former Combination. DO Take Care, We Sew Them Flesh Side Outside.

Step 20: After Sewing, Converse the Back Inner Outside.

Step 21: Aha~, a Nice Bag.