Introduction: Leek Stoemp With Cordon Bleu

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Yesterday, I pulled 10 Summer leeks out from our beloved garden. I wanted to let them shine. So, I invented this lovely leek stomp.

Stoemp is a typical Belgian & Dutch dish.

This is a mix from boiled potatoes, then mashed & mixed with root vegetables or with braised leeks, or with carrots, or with all sort of cabbages, or with spinach, or with brussels sprouts,… Usually we mix it with slices of bacon or we serve it with sausages. We nearly always add a chopped up & sweated onion with it. You can also use cream, herbs or spices. Stoemp is a typical word of the patois of Brussels. You can eat stoemp in a lot of brassieres of Brussels. Stoemp is a basic dish. We make them a lot, especially in winter time. It is comfort food. Now, let’s see how I made it! I made my recent version way more healthy than before.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients!

Recipe: For 3 persons


1 kg red potatoes, peeled & cut up into chunks some herbamare salt

750 gr cleaned, well-washed, pad dry, leeks, cut up like you like ( weighted when cut up) = 10 Summer leeks ( green & white bits)

2 fat cloves of garlic, peeled & finely cut up

1 red onion, (from the garden), peeled & finely cut up

unsweetened soy milk or milk: a few splashes

black pepper

Himalayan pink salt in a grinder

baking margarine or butter

To serve: 2 bought tasty cordon bleu ( bought from a really good butcher), fried in some good baking margarine & oil too.

Step 2: Method!

Boil your potato chunks into hot boiling water where you added some herbamare salt. Cook until al dente & cooked through. Drain well & steam off the excess of water. Turn heat very low & add splashes of soy milk & 2-3 knobs of baking margarine. Mash well. Season with some black pepper, about 15 grins & a few grins of pink salt. mash well & mix with a spoon. Keep warm. At the same time, take a large cooking pot & add drizzles of a fruity olive oil & some knobs of baking margarine. Let it melt & heat up. When hot, add garlic & onion pieces & fry until nearly cooked through. Season with some pink salt & black pepper. Stir often. Now, add chopped leeks & mix well. place fitted lid on & place on lower heat. Fry your leek pieces until cooked through. Check with a bite or 2. This can take up about 10 minutes or so. Check seasoning one last time, I added some pink salt & about 10 grins of black pepper. Add this leek mix to the mashed potatoes & mash. I mashed a few time & then mixed it all together with a fork. MMM!

Serve at once with a fried cordon bleu on top! Enjoy! The flavors of the home-grown leeks & red onion are just perfect & sharp! You can also find this tasty recipe here on my blog: