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Introduction: Lego Connection Dongles

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This is inspired by my last Instructable, Bluetooth Lego brick.

It is designed to connect your gadgets (USB drive, wallet, keys, phone, pen-knife, etc) to one another, and you can make a connector with a clip.

It is very easy, and looks quite sleek. Will earn you many 'Geek Points'

Step 1: Bits and Pieces

Pictured below are the materials you need for this instructable.

Drill- Any one will do as long as it has a
Drill bit - 2 - 3 mm, depending on the string width.
Lighter/ Matches- To stop the string from fraying.
Lego brick - Well, obviously.
Some thing to attach it to - I used a USB drive, for the photos.
Scissors - For cutting stuff.
Clip - Optional.

Step 2: Drill

Using the drill, drill two holes roughly halfway as in the picture.

There isn't really any need to measure it out, but you can if you feel the need to.

Clean the holes out with a knife.

Step 3: String It

Post the string through one of the holes, tie an overhand knot, with as little 'tail' as possible. Post the other end through the gadget you want to attach, and post through the other hole. Tie another knot.

Tip: Use the lighter to melt the end of the string, then cut the solid bit small enough to fit through the hole.

Step 4: Ideas!

You can attach the Lego bricks together, thus keeping all your gadgets in one group.

Use the same method and attach the Lego brick to a clip, so you can attach your gadgets to your bag, etc...

Otherwise, Its FIN! Please rate, comment, subscribe and suchlike..

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