Introduction: Lego Dalek

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A while ago, I had quite the desire to make a Lego Dalek that was larger than a Lego minifigure. After much searching, I failed to find any instructions for such a thing. So, I decided to make one myself!

This is my first Instructable, so please comment, and tell me what to improve!

Step 1: Parts:

For this Dalek, I chose the gold and brown color scheme. You could use the red and gold, blue and grey, whatever you want. I would suggest gathering the pieces as needed, rather than before starting. This is because I was running a bit low on pieces, and you might be able two use one big piece, where I had to use 2 smaller ones.

For this project, you will need:


LOTS of assorted lego bricks (2x4s, 2x2s, 1x4s, etc. Preferably all the same color)

18 circular brown pieces

Assorted flats, preferably black

Midsection and head:

Those strange pieces with notches on the sides (5 1x2s and 2 1x4s that are black, 2 1x4s that are yellow. See the picture)

Assorted tiles

LOTS of yellow flats (See the picture)

Some flats with holes in them (2 2x4s, 1 2x6. See the picture)

One mid-sized pulley wheel

1 12-stud axle and one 6-stud axle

One axle coupler

3 bushings

Some of those pieces that connect and rotate (See the picture)

One large, flat rotation table (See the picture)

One circular flat piece

2 bright blue cylinders and 2 black cylinders

One small bevel gear

One dome-shaped piece (See the picture)

One blue stud

2 wrenches

A few other quirky pieces that I didn't know how to describe (See the picture)

Step 2: The Skirt

In all honesty, the skirt was a precarious, difficult, and frustrating part to create. If I disassembled it for this instructable, I'm honestly not sure if I would be able to reassemble it again. For the black base, just try to make it look like the picture. Make sure it's sturdy enough for you to build the skirt off of. The skirt should be 8 bricks tall, 14 studs wide at the widest, and 17 studs long at the longest. The top layer needs to look like in the picture so that it will fit with the rest of the Dalek, but the rest is up to you. I hope the pictures are of some help. It's not really that important if yours is different from mine, I'm sure you can make it look great.

After you get the two done, separate the black base from the skirt. Time to assemble the rotational pieces!

Step 3: Rotation Stuff and Midsection

I designed this Dalek so that the head could rotate independently of the midsection, just like in the TV series. To accomplish this, the rotational pieces for both the head and the midsection had to be mounted on the skirt. This process is a bit tricky, and you have to make sure there isn't too much friction between pieces for it to work. See the pictures for help with assembly.

Start by assembling the flats with holes in them. Put the 12-stud axle through, and attach a bushing on one end, and the pulley wheel on the other. Don't worry about spacing right now, we will address that later.

Next, attach the rotating thingy on the inside of the skirt, and place the rotation table on the top, so that the axle protrudes from the center hole. After that, put some tiles around the outside. Continue building as seen in the pictures, making sure to leave 2 2x4 bricks, 4 2x4 flats, 5 1x2 flats, 2 2x2 flats, one 1x4 flat, and the yellow tiles, along with the two small slant pieces. Lastly, add the weird side-notch pieces, with tiles on the sides. Time for the head!

Step 4: The Head

Take the remaining circular piece, and attach the remaining side-notch things to them. Put the remaining 1x2 flats on the remaining 2x4 flats. Attach them vertically, as seen. Next, place the slanting pieces and the weird rotating thingies on the remaining 2x4 bricks. Put those in the center, and put the last few flats on top. Detach the circular piece from the bottom, and put the bushing in it. If you push it down into the studs, it will sort of click in. Attach the axle, but be sure to not detach the bushing while doing so. Replace the circular piece, and carefully put the coupler on the end of the axle. Then, very carefully, attach the coupler to the other axle, inside the Dalek. From inside the skirt, pull the axle down until it is just barely not touching the midsection. If your Dalek's head is touching the midsection, it will not work. Now on to extremities!

Step 5: Extremities

With your remaining few parts, we are going to make the extremities, such as the gun, plunger, eyestalk, and ears.

The gun:

For this gun we will need to modify a part. I know, nobody likes modifying parts. However, the only thing that needs to happen with this modification is this: you need to file about a millimeter off the end of one of the rods. After you do this, the torch holders should be flush against each other, like in the picture. To finish, put the last remaining bushing on one end, and the rotating part of the other.

The plunger:

This one is easy. Simply attach the dome-shaped piece and the rotating part to the non-modified rod, and then put that on the Dalek.

The ears:

To attach the ears to the Dalek, see the picture.

The Eyestalk: Put one on the black cylinders on the antenna piece, so that it clicks down onto the end. Next comes the bevel gear, and then the last black cylinder. Attach the strange notch-on-every-side piece, and put the blue stud on the end. Put that on the Dalek.

Reattaching the black base:

Lastly, reattach the black base to the bottom of the skirt. Your Dalek is done! Please comment for questions, and post a picture if you built one!