Introduction: Lego Dalek Station/base

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This is a basic outline of how to build a dalek installation similar to the very first one with William Hartnell as the doctor, but modernized for the newer dalek designs. Specific details will be discussed as they are shown.


A lot of this is customisable, and one element is discussed on a different instructable.

Step 1: The Dalek Army

These daleks are a variation of the ones from my previous dalek instructable. The only difference is that the "shoulders" look a little more solid.

Davros could be made similarly to this, so I'm not going to show his making. I was, unfortunately, unable to get the pieces to do so, so I built him how you see him in the first images.

Also, you could remodel the head and weapons for use of a Special Weapons Dalek.

Step 2: The Emperor

This emperor is designed with the scale of the emperor from Evil of the Daleks, the color scheme of the Imperial daleks from Rememberance of the Daleks, and the design/shape of the emperor from Parting of the Ways.

The creature's tank will be mentioned a little later, as it is implemented more than once. Its head design is identical to the other daleks', and sits atop a round 2x2 jumper plate. The things at the bottom of the tank represent weapons; the emperor of the daleks couldn't be left defenseless.

Step 3: Laboratory Setup

These tanks contain dalek mutants ready to be put in new casing. They were created by forcing a three-bladed flower/grass piece into a blender-top piece, holding it there so the plant could hold its shape, and then capped it off.

The workstation itself is designed so that the screen is at eye level, and the "buttons" are at manipulator-arm level.

I will hopefully be adding new equipment soon =]