Lego Freemaker Spaceship

Introduction: Lego Freemaker Spaceship

This is a small remake of the Star Scavenger, with as many weapons as possible.

Step 1: Parts Needed

Photos are with step order.

Step 2: Lower Body

Step 3: Front Glass Frame

Step 4: Wings and Middle of the Body

Step 5: Turbine Holders

Step 6: Weapons

Step 7: Turbines

Step 8: Upper Body

Step 9: Tail

Step 10: And a Riddle for the End...

Find where can the Zander's black wrench lock inside the aircraft!!!

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    Prismarine soldier 123456

    Warning! The six-studded, five-holed brick visible on the top right corner of the part 6's first photo will be used in the last photo of the same step. There is also visible a six-studded, thin brick in the last photo mentioned, which is used in the last photo of the 8th step.