Lego Hot Chocolate Mixer

Introduction: Lego Hot Chocolate Mixer

The Title says it all: Lego Hot Chocolate Mixer. Even though it sounds kind of strange, it is easy to make and clean. I will provide what I think is the right program for the rcx brick, because I can not find my IR transmitting tower to find out what program is on it. Sorry for some of the picture quality, I will do my best to explain. Im not going to ask for nice comments because I want to be able to improve what is wrong, but I'm hoping you know what to do if you like my instructable. Thanks! =]

Step 1: The Mixer Head

This is the head that will go in the hot chocolate. It is easy to clean as all you have to do is take it apart and wash and dry it. DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER!!!!!
1. Take you first large gear.
2. Attach the two long circle connectors. (Again, sorry about pic quality.)
3. Insert the two 1x3 plus posts, like so. (When I say 1x3 or whatever, I'm measuring them as you would for plate length)
4. Attach your second large gear to the other gear as shown in the next two pictures.
5. Take your long 1x12 plus post (I'm pretty sure that this is the longest one out there) and insert it into the two connected large gears. Make sure it does not extend past the bottom large gear.
6. Slide your medium sized gear down the open end of the plus post until it touches the large gear. Then slide the smallest gear down the open end of the plus post until it touches the medium sized gear.
7. You have finished the mixer head.

Step 2: Building the Motor and Final Assembly

Here is how you build the motor and assemble the mixer. Make sure to check the final step for what I am pretty sure is the programming code for the motor. If it is wrong, I'm sure all of you are smart enough to figure out what it is. I'm sorry for some picture quality. I am ordering steps by picture order. Step one is the first picture you see.
1. Take your motor.
2. Attach your plus beam connector to the motor.
3. Take two of your 1x2 plates.
4. Stack them together like so.
5. Attach them to the motor one one SIDE of the black electric square.
6. Do the same with the last two 1x2 plates.
7. Attach the wire to the motor going forward.
8. Take a 2x4 plate and put it across the wire and 1x2 plate stacks.
9. Place a second 2x4 plate across the back part of the motor.
10. Take your last two 2x4 plates and attach them to the bottom back of the motor.
You are done with the motor.
Assembly (still numbering by picture)
12. Take your 4x8 plate
13. Attach it to the first two rows of studs on the rcx brick at the ABC SIDE. It will say rcx 1.0 or 2.0 or whatever version you have.
14. Attach the back of the motor to the underside of the red plat in the middle four studs.
15. Take your 6x12 plate and attack it to the bottom of the rcx brick, so that it reaches and connects to the two 2x4 plates on the bottom of the motor. MAKE SURE IT DOES NOT ATTACH OR REACH ANY FURTHER THAN THAT.
16. Connect the motor head plus post to the plus post connector on the motor.
17. Attach the wire head to port A on the rcx brick.
18. Attach the other wire to the touch sensor as shown in the picture.
19. Attach the other end of this wire to port 2 on the rcx brick.
20. Attach the end of the touch sensor to port one pointing sideways if you're a lefty and to port three pointing to the side if you're a righty. I am totally neutral in the matter of lefty/right. (LEFTIES RULE!!!!)
21. Your mixer is now ready to be used. Check the last step for the program and care instructions.

Step 3: Program/Use/Care

Below is what I am pretty sure is the program for this machine. If it is wrong, you all probably know how to write one. Use of this is self explanatory. Heat up the milk, add the powder, turn on the brick, put the head in the cup, and press the button. Machine Care: to clean, remove the head and disassemble. Wash thoroughly. ALWAYS REMOVE THE HEAD FROM THE MACHINE. NEVER WASH HEAD WITHOUT REMOVING AS THIS COULD RUIN THE BRICK AS WELL AS RISK ELECTRICAL SHOCK. WARNING: For children, have a parent supervise as this deals with hot substances as well as a risk of shock if procedure is not followed. Enjoy!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    wow, great idea. i like this one way better than yourr other one(this one is easier and more versitile) i did change it up a bit. i put on two motors and put a largee to medium gear setup so its faster. its so fast that it makes like chocolate foam on the top.

    Constructo Man

    I think I know what you mean. Like, the rcx brick and motor had a stand that it sat on and the stirrer sat over the cup. I originally had it like that but it was too big and clunky so I made it easier to use. It also makes it easier to remove the blade and clean. Also, for the scrip idea, I can't find my transmitter so I can't reprogram the brick. Last question: did you try building it and what did you think of it?


    14 years ago on Introduction

    would u mind if i made one out o knex and posted it?

    Constructo Man
    Constructo Man

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    No I don't really care, cuz its not a legos replica that you claimed to have created. Plus, I don't have a motor for k'nex so, go for it.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job, looks cool and small. I have some of that powder to make hot chocolate right now, and I would make this, except I don't have the pieces.. nice job though.

    Constructo Man
    Constructo Man

    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Yah, I wasn't sure how much of the instructable population had rcx bricks.