Introduction: Lego Mech

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Hi everyone and this is my first Lego mech made from scratch so don't write any rude things also most of the pieces came from a Lego set called Kai's fire mech

Step 1: Pieces That You Need

If you can't find the exact color then you can use another color

Step 2: Legs

Get the following pieces

Step 3: Legs

Step 4: Legs

Step 5: Legs

Step 6: Legs

Step 7: Legs

Step 8: Legs

Step 9: Legs

Step 10: Legs

Step 11: Body and Arms and Helmet

Pieces you need

Step 12: Body

Step 13: Body

Step 14: Body

Step 15: Body

Step 16: Body

Step 17: Arms

Step 18: Arms

Step 19: Helmet

What you need

Step 20: Helmet

Step 21: Body

Step 22: Arms Extras

Step 23: Body Extra

Step 24: Helm

Step 25: Last Step

Now get a Lego person that doesn't have any thing on his head but if you can fit the person on the mech with something on his head your very smart and also see my other Lego stuff

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