Lego Minecraft 3 Please Vote in Lego Contest!

Introduction: Lego Minecraft 3 Please Vote in Lego Contest!

About: My race is sneg which is a abbreviation for the famous saying "sophisticated narwhals eat gummybears" Please fallow and vote when you can thank you : )

Well two people commented so I will be doing a dual instructible, so what would be perfect? You may ask well (pause for dramatic effect)... THE SUPER SLIME BROS. And remember smash that fallow button in the face!

Step 1: The Little Bro (but the Older of the Two)

For this mini madness you will need: 5 green 2 by 1 flat 1 green 2 by 2 flat 2 black studs And that's it!

Step 2: The Base for Slime 1

Now you need 3 of those 2 by 1 and put 2 side by side, then put one on top to secure them

Step 3: Step 2

Now you need the 2 studs and a 2 by 1, put the 2 by one next to the other that we built in step one and put the studs on those

Step 4: DONE

Put the last 2 by 1 behind like in the pic above then put the 2 by 2 on top to finish!

Step 5: Mr Slimey 2.0

For this one I will take only pictures and you tell me (comments) if it was better or worse

Step 6:

Step 7:

Step 8: DONE

By the way the smooth pieces are optional

Step 9: Remember

1 comment=one instructible of my choice 1 fallow=a minecraft mob of your choice and your profile mentioned on the instructible!

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    I also made a mech 4 them it's HUGE and magnetic but can't stick 2 walls

    13, 3:08 PM.jpg13, 3:08 PM.jpg13, 3:08 PM.jpg13, 3:08 PM.jpg13, 3:08 PM.jpg13, 3:08 PM.jpg

    Eh I find the large pieces more easily. The big ones are more intimidating, eh?


    9 years ago

    It lacks the minis though


    Do the enderman I love endermen they are insane and I want to know how to make it oh pleasepleaseplease!