Introduction: Lego Minifigure Display Clock

This is a functional clock and minifigure display in one! Fun and vibrant, and perfect for any minifigure fan who wants to show off their favourite figs. You can change the minifigures whenever you like, and they are not harmed in any way. If you fancy changing things up, you can take off the minifigures completely and use any Lego you like to create whatever you like. Because that's what Lego is for!

Great for kids, but also good for adults, especially those who feel they need an excuse to own or display their minifigure collection!

Step 1: Gather Materials and Equipment

You will need:

32 x 32 Baseboard of your choice (I used green)

12 2 x 1 bricks in colour(s) of your choice

12 minifigures (your choice)

Clock mechanism (with built - in hanger is useful)

Access to a drill

Step 2: Drill Hole

First, you need to measure the diameter of the spindle of your clock mechanism. Then drill a hole in the centre of the baseboard - be careful as the baseboard is thin, and the ABS plastic that Lego is made from can start to melt from the heat produced by the drill. That said, it is quick and simple enough!

Step 3: Add the Clock Mechanism

Next, thread the spindle of the clock mechanism through from the back of the baseboard. Because the baseboard is thin, you may need to add spacers to the back of the spindle - I did this with washers. Clock mechanisms do come in all sorts of spindle lengths, so if I were buying one specifically for this project I would buy one for a shorter spindle!

Once you have done that, fit the hands of your clock. I initially tried to make my own clock hands with Lego, but my mechanism was not strong enough to bear the extra weight.

Step 4: Position Your Minifigures

Each minifigure is attached to a 2x1 brick on the baseboard. You can then fix the minifigure to the brick by its legs.

Positioning your minifigures does take a little bit of time, as you want to get them line for each hour, but you also want to make it aesthetically pleasing. No trick here, just doing what looks good to you!

Step 5: Finished Clock! for Now...

Once you have done that, your awesome clock is finished! Or is it???! You can attach and detach bricks whenever and wherever you like, so long as they do not impede the clock hands. I have kept mine simple for now with just a few bricks added around the clock as an accent, but I suspect this will change once the kids get hold of it! Because you can change it around whenever you like, this clock is never really 'finished'. It's more a work in progress...

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