Introduction: Lego Plane-Car

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Build an awesome plane-car! It can turn into a car. (I will make instructions to make the car later.) The pieces that are just lying beside the model are the pieces you will need next.

Step 1: Get Your Pieces!

Get your pieces! Next are the instructions to build the model. Just follow the pictures, and other instructions are in the text box. Happy building!

Step 2: Start Building!!!!

In the third picture you will need to turn the model over. After you are done putting the pieces on the bottom, turn the model right side up.

Step 3: Keep on Building!

In the second picture, you will need to take the pieces lying next to the model in the first picture and assemble the pieces. Then, put the odd thing you made into the model as shown in the third picture.

Step 4: Don't Stop, Keep on Building!

Keep building!!!! :)

Step 5: Almost Done!!!!!

Almost there!

Step 6: Sort of Done!

Next step is done!!!!!!

Step 7: Done!!!!

Yeah!!!!! Done!!!

Step 8: Check Out the Other Instructables I Have Made!

Check out Cool Lego Mech! Here is the link to go get the instructable: Cool Lego Mech

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