Introduction: Lego Pokémon: Lego Charmander and Pikachu

Hello guys and welcome to another Instructable! This time, I will be showing you how to build Pikachu and Charmander from the well known Pokémon series. If you missed my last one, go ahead and check them out (gotta build 'em all, you know it's your destiny)! Thanks again, and make sure to swing by my brother's YouTube channel at Brickbuilt Replicas. Enjoy!

Step 1: Pikachu

Here are the pieces you will need for Pikachu.

Step 2: The Ears

Take two yellow cylinders and place two black studs on the BOTTOM of each. Then take two light grey (or any color) guns and place the handle of the gun in the top of each yellow cylinder. Set aside.

Step 3: The Tail

On the tail, I am sure there are many other (better) ways to make the iconic lightning shape, but I decided to go with the fastest, easiest, and most proportionate way I could find. Take a yellow 1x2 with a clip on the end, and place a yellow cheese slope on the front. Then, take a yellow 1x2 plate and place a black and yellow cheese slope facing opposite directions on top. Lastly, take that plate and place it yellow cheese slope first on the other 1x2.

Step 4: The Body

To make Pikachu's body, take two yellow eyelit bricks and place them facing outwards on a 1x2 plate with handle. Then get another two eyelit bricks and place them facing forward on the other bricks. If you want, for stability, take a 1x2 smooth plate and place it on the eyelit bricks.

Step 5: The Arms and Legs

For the arms, take two yellow 1x1 plates with clip and stick them onto the sideways eyelit bricks. For the feet, take two 1x1 plates and place two yellow studs on top. Take those two feet and place them on the bottom of the 1x2 with hinge.

Step 6: Piecing It Together

Now, if you already haven't, you can put the tail on the hinge plate, and take the two ears and stick the barrel of the gun piece into the backs of the eyelit bricks.

Step 7: Finally

Finally, to finish off Pikachu, get any combination of Mixel's eyes and place them on the empty eyelit bricks. White or black studs also will work!

Step 8: Charmander

Here are the pieces you will need for Charmander.

Step 9: The Tail

To make Charmander's tail, take a sectioned orange hinge plate and place a black droid claw on the middle section. Also, place any kind of fire piece of red stud on the top of an orange cone. Take the cone and stick it ontop of the droid claw. Don't worry if the fire piece falls off, as you will have to adjust that connection until it works for you.

Step 10: The Body

Charmander's body was made using the same technique as Pikachu's only with orange bricks. Place it ontop if the orange hinge plate,

Step 11: The Head

This step is optional, but makes it look a lot better. Just take two orange cheese slopes and put them ontop of the eyelit bricks. Also, if you want to stabilize the head, you can take an orange 1x2 plate and put it behind the eyelit bricks.

Step 12: The Arms and Legs

For Charmander's arms, you can either use the same thing as Pikachu (just using orange instead) or take two orange cheese sloped and place them on the eyelit bricks facing out. The legs also use the same build as Pikachu, only this time I used a 1x2 plate instead of two 1x1's.

Step 13: Last (but Not Least)

The eyes. Take any combination of Mixel eyes or black and white studs and place them on the eyelit bricks.

Step 14: Thanks

I don't know if I can fit my gratitude into this one step, but I will try. I truthfully never expected that my first Instructable would have gotten as much recognition as it has. And now going on to make more, the support has been immense and really heart warming. I just love sharing my ideas with those who are willing to. I just am at a lost for words and can't thank you enough!!!! Like seriously. I really can't fit enough "thank you"'s into this box, or I would put a bajillion. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING, and have an amazing day (or night)!