Lego Pokeball!

Introduction: Lego Pokeball!

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Whether your just a fan of pokemon are a fan of Legos you'll enjoy this project! Materials: - 26, 2 by 4 black bricks - 7, 2 by 4 red bricks -8, 2 by 4 white bricks - 2, 1 by 4 black lego piece Also the pictures are very detailed and show every step so I highly suggest them over the text because the yet is a bit hard to understand but I tried my best at explaining.

Step 1: Foundation

First you need to get 3 black 2x4 bricks and lay them side by side then put 2, 2x4 white bricks on top, and then put two black bricks on the side of the white bricks.

Step 2: Bottom Half

You then put 3 white bricks on top then put 2 black bricks on each side, and once you've done that you need to put 2 white bricks between the black and the white bricks. It's a little hard to explain but just take a look at the pictures above and you'll understand.

Step 3: Middle

Now this part is quite complex but ill help you trough the way. So now you take 2 black bricks then put them in the middle of the 2 white bricks. Then take 2 more black bricks and put them on each side. Now you put a white brick on the black bricks in the middle. Then cover the previous layer with black, and make sure that you put the two 1x4 on each side. Once you've done that you then take two black bricks and cover the white brick by putting two black bricks side by side atop the white brick.

Step 4: Top Half

You are almost done in completing your lego pokeball!. Now what you do is you take two bricks and put them on each side of the black bricks, then put a brick on the sides of the red brick. You then take 3 red bricks and put it on top, then put two black bricks on each side.and them put the last two red bricks on top and put black bricks on the sides. And finally you take the last 3 black bricks ad cover the red bricks and your done

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