Introduction: Lego Stronger Enderman

I know many of you like minecraft and its endermen. Would you like to see them stronger? Then this is your chance!!!

Step 1: Parts Needed

You will need a whole lego enderman holding an iron block, 2 ender perls and some others featured in the photos of the step. Only two parts of the iron block won't be used.

Step 2:

Leave only the body main brick and the head of the Enderman at place.

Step 3: First Block Layer

Step 4: Second Block Layer

Step 5: Third Block Layer

Step 6: Fourth Block Layer

Step 7: Fifth Block Layer

Step 8: Sixth Block Layer

Step 9: Seventh Block Layer

Step 10: Chest

Now use the ender perls and the iron block parts as above.

Step 11: Arms

Step 12: Attaching Block

Step 13: Conclusion

I cannot wait to see your comments on this! Colours on the block can be changed but some parts should remain the same and in the same position so that the enderman's hands won't open more than needed and therefore not holding the block well. If you have anything better, feel free to share it with me!