Introduction: Lego Thorn

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Alright, what's up everyone! I finally have this new gun and I'm pretty excited to show you on the details.

I know there hasn't been anything in the past month and a half but the reason why is because procrastination hits pretty hard.

There's some pretty cool lore is involved with this weapon, and I'll put it at the end if you want to read it.

Step 1: Sights

Hand Cannon sights in destiny aren't actually iron sights, they're more like a reticle.

Step 2: Magazine and Hammer

I couldn't make the magazine the right color because Lego doesn't make golden tires, so yeah...

Step 3: Details

This gun has some awesome detailing that makes it one of my favorite Exotics in the game.

The barrel and the points at the front, and the top points are the most distinguishable and awesome features of this gun.

Step 4: Gun Layout

All the details of the gun and how they were made/attached

Step 5: Lore #1

Ghost Fragment: Thorn

The Rose

The noble man stood. And the people looked to him. For he was a beacon - hope given form, yet still only a man. And within that truth there was a great promise. If one man could stand against the night, then so could anyone - everyone.

In his strong hand the man held a rose. And his aura burned bright.

When the man journeyed on, the people remembered. In his wake hope spread. But the man had a secret fear. His thoughts were dark. A sadness crept from the depths of his being. He had been a hero for so long, but pride had led him down sorrow's road.

Slowly the shadows' whisper became a voice, a dark call, offering glories enough to make even the brightest light wander. He knew he was fading, yet he still yearned.

On his last day he sat and watched the sun fall. His final thoughts, pure of mind, if not body, held to a fleeting hope - though they would suffer for the man he would become, the people would remember him as he had been.

And so the noble man hid himself beneath a darkness no flesh should touch, and gave up his mortal self to claim a new birthright. Whether this was a choice, or destiny, is a truth only known to fate.

In that cool evening air, as dusk was devoured by night, the noble man ceased to exist. In his place another stood.

Same meat. Same bone. But so very different.

The first and only of his family, the sole forbear er and last descendant of the name Yor.

In his moments as a new being, he looked down at his Rose and realized for the first time that it held no petals: only the jagged purpose of angry thorns.

Step 6: Lore #2

Ghost Fragment: Thorn 2

The Bloom

TYPE: Transcript.

DESCRIPTION: Comversation.

PARTIES: Four[4]. Three[3] unidentified [u.1, u.2, u.3], One[1] unconfirmed.

ASSOCIATIONS: Breaklands; Durga; Last Word; Malphur, Shin; North Channel; Palamon; Thorn; Velor; Ward, Jaren; WoS; Yor, Dredgen;



[u.1:0.1] Can I see what you got there?


[u.1:0.2] Yer cannon... Can I see it?


[u.2:0.1] I know you?


[u.1:0.3] Not that I can say.

[u.2:0.2] And you wanna hold my piece?


[u.1:0.4] just that I never... Seen one like it.


[u.2:0.3] No, you haven't

[u.1:0.5] Looks dangerous.

[u.2:0.4] Seems, maybe, that's the point.

[u.1:0.6] Suppose so.

[u.1:0.7] Can I see it?

[u.2:0.5] Not likely.


[u.1:0.8] Where'd... Where'd you find it?


[u.1:0.9] You hearin' me?


[u.3:0.1] He asked you a question.


[u.2:0.6] Didn't find it. Made it.

[u.1:1.0] Helluva touch you got then. You a 'smith?

[u.2:0.7] I look like a smith?

[u.1:1.1] Looks can be deceiving.

[u.2:0.8] Got that right.

[u.1:1.2] There a problem?

[u.2:0.9] Doesn't need to be.

[u.1:1.3] Glad we got that cleared up... Now about that piece.


[u.2:1.0] Been to Luna?

[u.1:1.4] Excuse me?

[u.2:1.1] The moon. You been?

[u.1:1.5] Nobody's been.

[u.2:1.2] That a truth?

[u.1:1.6] That's a fact.

[u.2:1.3] Funny you'd make that distinction.

[u.1:1.7] Truth is you must think you're some kinda something special. With that attitude. The way you're just dismissin' us like we're nothing... Like we ain't even here.

[u.1:1.8] Fact is... You ain't near as rock solid as you figure. Fact is, special's only special 'till it's not.


[u.2:1.4] The bones say otherwise.

[u.1:1.9] Speak strait.

[u.2:1.5] You say "nobody." Bones say otherwise.

[u.1:2.0] What bones?

[u.2:1.6] All of them.

[u.1:2.1] What're you gettin' at?

[u.2:1.7] Too many to count.

[u.1:2.2] You trying to get a rule outta us? Was only trying to make conversation.

[u.2:1.8] You really weren't.

[u.4:0.1] We got a smart one here.

[u.2:1.9] Experienced more that smart. But Experienced has its advantages.

[u.1:2.3] Experience tell you to lip off to strangers just tryin' to make talk?

[u.2:2.0] Keep insisting and maybe we will.

[u.1:2.4] Talk?

[u.2:2.1] Have words.

[u.1:2.5] Ain't that what were doin'?

[u.2:2.2] My conversations tend to be a bit... Louder.


[u.1:2.6] That a threat.

[u.2:2.3] A truth.

[u.1:2.7] Who the hell you think you are?

[u.2:2.4] According to your facts,"nobody." Yet, here I sit.

[u.1:2.8] Don't matter how pretty yer cannon is.
You keep it up, we'll see just how loud you like to get.


[u.1:2.9] You done talkin' now? Guess he knows his place, boys.

[u.2:2.5] Ever have a nightmare?

[u.1:3.0] You playin' games? Or just thick?

[u.2:2.6] I know you have. This world? Can't help, but.

[u.1:3.1] I don't have nightmares. I give 'em.

[u.2:2.7] You are a goddamn cliché. The picture perfect bandit.

[u.2:2.8] Hearin' your voice - the things you're sayin', the shade of the hard man you pretend to be...

[u.1:3.2] Ain't no shade.

[Audible crack]

[Audible crack]

[Audible crack]


[u.2:2.9]Sit down.


[u.2:3.0] Sit. Down.

[u.2:3.1] Your mouth just got your friends dead.

[u.2:3.2] This is what happens when you bore me. And right now...

[u.2:3.3] I am so very bored.

[u.1:3.3] Wha...No listen...

[u.2:3.4] Shhhhh.

[u.1:3.4] But...'re're one of them... A guardian, right?

[u.1:3.5] You're supposed t'be one'a the good ones.

[u.2:3.5] "Supposed to be?" Maybe I am. Maybe this is what "good" looks like.

[u.2:3.6] Anymore, who can tell?

[u.1:3.6] I...

[u.2.3.7] You wanted to see my prize.

[u.1:3.7] No...I...

[u.2:3.8] Look at it.

[u.1:3.8] I...

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:3.9] Whimpering won't stop what comes next.

[u.2:4.0] Look...

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:4.1] Look at it.

[u.2:4.2] Open your eyes.

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:4.3] Not many get such a clean view.

[u.2:4.4] The bone... You see it. Jagged, like thorns.

[u.2:4.5] I used to think of it as a rose...

[u.2:4.6] Focusing on its bloom

[u.2:4.7] But the bloom is... Just a byproduct of is anger.


[u.2:4.8] You have nightmares?

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:4.9] Ever seen a nightmare? Ever opened your eyes and realized the horror wasn't a dream? The terror wasn't gone?

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:5.0] I've seen nightmares.

[u.2:5.1] They live in the shadows.

[u.2:5.2] They've been watching.

[u.2:5.3] I thought... It's foolish, I know...But I thought I saw a way.

[u.2:5.4] That maybe we could win. Maybe we could survive.

[u.2:5.5] But once you step into those shadows, it's so very hard to walk in the Light.

[u.2:5.6] Or... maybe I just wasn't strong enough.

[u.2:5.7] Maybe.

[u.2:5.8] But I feel strong now.

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:5.9] I stole the dark.

[u.2:6.0] Or, maybe it stole me.

[u.2:6.1] Either way, here we are.

[u.2:6.2] And I'm hungry.

[i.2:6.3] It's hungry.

[u.2:6.4] You have no Light beyond the spark of your pathetic life.

[u.2:6.5] But... A spark is something.

[Audible sobbing]

[u.2:6.6] Open your eyes.

[Audible sobbing]

[Audible sobbing]

[Audible crack]