Introduction: Lego Tie Holder

There is probably some device out there that holds ties, but made of Lego!?!

I have a little bit of Lego and was wondering what to build so I made a boom gate and put it on a panel and realized the potential of this mini creation.

It could be used to hold many other things but ties are what came into my mind first.

Also remember that as all my other Lego Instructables I add a LDD file you can download and view.

Go to step one for the instructions and please check out my other Instructables because I really want 50,000 views.

Step 1: Parts List

Here is the start, if you want to make an exact replica you will need a 4x10 plate, if you want it bigger or smaller adjust the dimensions of each brick/plate accordingly.

So, once you have that base plate you will need:

1. 1x2 tile

1. 1x2 rocker/hinge

1. 2x10 plate

1. 2x2 brick

1. 2x2 tile (the piece without studs on top)

Step 2: Build Time, Follow the Instructions.

Follow the photos, it is pretty simple to build this model.

You will most likely have trouble following my typed instructions so use the photos or LDD file with them please.

Put a 2x2 brick in the bottom left corner.

In the bottom right corner you will count 1 stud in and place the hinge, the 2x2 brick you placed earlier is what the hinge should be facing away from so it opens out from the plate.

You will now get the 2x2 tile and put it on the 2x2 brick.

Get the 1x2 plate and put it on top of the hinge and then get the 2x10 plate and put it on top of the 1x2 plate.

The 2x10 plate should be resting on top of the tile and stuck on the hinge, one set of studs should be hanging off to act as a handle, press this down and the hinge should open.

Now, go to the photos to make sure your build matches up with everything.

Step 3: Build Time, Follow the Photos.

Here are the photos, they may be a little easier if they are accompanied with the text but I am sure you will get the idea.

Once you have finished building this you can screw it to a wall and display your favorite tie!

Step 4: Build Time, LDD File

Here is the LDD file for you to download, the download file is small (52kb) so if you don't have much internet you should be able to still download it.

BTW, LDD is a free program that can be downloaded from the Lego website and it has nearly the full collection of Lego bricks ever made.

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