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Waking up one morning I looked outside and I saw ice covering everything. What had happened was over the night it started to rain and get cold at the same time, resulting in freezing rain. Seeing this amazing sight my first thought was that I had to take some photos since I am a photographer. But unfortunately it was still raining outside and my camera (Canon t2i) wasn't a waterproof camera. So my dad thinks of a genius idea, an idea that we would take the plastic bag that is used for newspaper and cut the other end so we can slip it onto the lens and still be able to take pictures with it.  

When switching lenses in the rain have a sleeve designated to each lens you have changing the length of each to accommodate each lens size, but remember to keep some extra length so you can fold it over when traveling. 

Make-to-Learn Youth Contest questions:

What did you make?
I made a lens rain-sleeve that is supposed to protect the lens in the rain, in dust, or dirt conditions. I used a newspaper bag as the sleeve.

How did you make it?
(refer to above paragraph on how I came up with the idea)

Where did you make it?
I made this at home. It connects to other activities in my life because I like to take photos and the rain was an obstacle. 

What did you learn?
The thing that I am proud of in this project is that it is extremely cheap but effective. If I were to do it again I would add an elastic to the lens so the plastic stays with the lens. 

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