Introduction: Lether Key Guards

If you are anithing like me you like to have quick aces to your keys so you just keep them on a carabiner and you most likely also know that keys can be copied with yust a few pictures and you want to protect them somehow and still have them by your side at all times. That is what thease keyguards achive.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

utility kinive


universal or lether glue

a wooden peg

scrap pices of lether

Step 2: Plans

So all that we will be doing is folding it in half at two lines, one at the hook end and the other is at the puoch and just glue it shout .

Step 3: Cut

Cut out the the piace out along the lines.

Step 4: Glue

Glue on the edges and use small clamps.

Step 5: Cut

Cut closer to the key.

Step 6: Done!