Introduction: Let's Celebrate Father's Day

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With Father’s Day just looming behind the shadow, I got the brilliant notion to surprise him with a simple paper quilling card. In my first instructable I’m going to show you how to make this simple paper quilling card with simple techniques. So, let’s get started.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

  • White card stock
  • Rainbow colour paper strips (5mm wide)

  • Pencil and Eraser

  • Glue

  • Scissor

  • Ruler


  • Flower puncher
  • Stone stickers
  • Rainbow colour A4 sheets

You may use the paper quilling tool too :)

Step 2: Making the Design

Here I’m using MS WORD ART to create my basic design. I have used font type Franklin Gothic Demi with the font size 320. You may use your own way to create it. If you want, you may directly sketch the design using your own handwriting. Make sure that you don’t sketch and erase too much since it would damage your card.

Step 3: Dividing the Parts

After you are done with your design its time for us to divide it into 7 sectors (I’m going to divide it in a diagonal way)

First, divide the long side (length) into 5 parts short side (height) into 2 parts then connect them diagonally. (You may change this pattern as you wish)

To make the things easier I have marked the segments with respective colours

Step 4: Outlining

For outlining I recommend you, to use a heavier paper strip (but I’m using the same paper strip which I used for the filling)

now by applying a line of glue on the outline and start glueing the paper strips with the respective colours. You may use your fingertips to curve the paper and it would be easy to start from the inner lines of the letters

Step 5: Filling

Now it’s the time to do the filling. I’m going to fill it up using loose rolls (you may use any shape as you wish for example marquee shapes, tear drops etc.)

for this, I’m going to cut the paper strips to 3.5-4.0 cm (approximately) pieces and then going to make loose rolls using my fingertips (you may use the quilling tool too). This takes much time but it’s so exciting : )

Step 6: Decorating

I made 7 flowers using my paper puncher and then add a stone to the centre of it

Mark the centre of your card and paste the green colour flower (green is the centre colour of the word VIBGYOR)

Then by using the ruler, you can paste the other flowers accordingly

The card is done now. I hope that you enjoyed my first instructable. Thanks for reading : )

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