Introduction: Let's Make Dust Jacket!!

I made dust jacket with leather.
I can easily make it, because it is simple made.

Step 1: Prepare a Template

I make a template.
This was attached to the book.

Step 2: Paint With Oil

I paint with oil.
This oil is a horse reason.
I last a long time when I paint with this.

Step 3: Cut Leather

I cut leather along a template.
It is convenient when I use the ruler.

Step 4: Use the Thread of Hemp

I make a thread.
This thread is hemp.

Step 5: Pull a Thread

I pull a thread with solder.
A thread becomes strong by doing it this way.

Step 6: Draw a Line

I draw a line on a part to sew.
It goes down in the place 4mm away from the edge.

Step 7: Hit the Fork

I hit the fork with a hammer.
Be careful not to turn!!

Step 8: Sew It

It is fast, but sews it by hand when I use the sewing machine.

Step 9: Completion!!


Step 10: Please Watch the Video!!

I prepared the video of these steps!!
Please watch the video of the these steps.