Introduction: Little Doggie Potty

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The inspiration for the project came after walking my dog and realizing he will not potty in public places.  This has made potty training him a bit more challenging.  So I had actually done a search online to see how much one would cost, however the price was out of my range for something I'd let my dog trickle all over.  The duct tape competition showed up and the ideas began to flow.

You will need:

1 (2 liter) bottle of soda
1 bulk box of diapers
1 roll of duct tape
1 pkg of epoxy
1 can of RED paint or preferred color
1 pair of scissors or a blade

All measurements were based on eyeballing and scaling down to model size approximations.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Step 2: Break the Box Apart and Try to Roll It Out

Rolling the box out is actually a lot more difficult than it seems.  You will need to put your weight on it.  You need to make as many creases as possible as seen in the picture in order to create the best tight round fit around the soda bottle.

You don't have to be gentle, just don't tear the box while doing this.

Step 3:

Tape the bottle to the edge of the box and continue rolling the box out to avoid square edges. 

Step 4: Cut and Tape.

You need to cut a piece of cardboard long enough to cover the circumference of the bottle, and tape it tightly. 

Tape along the height of the bottle.

Tape the bottom to seal it closed. 

Do not forget what this receptacle will be used for, so sealing edges is important!

Step 5: Creating a Dome Shape for the Fire Hydrant Top

Cut pieces out, and roll them out to create a dome shape.  Tape tape around the first two pieces to fully cover the top.

Cut out small strips and connect them.  The pieces will create a hexagon in the center. Tape them to the "dome" shape.

Tape remove the bottle cap from the bottle, which previously held the bottle's round shape together, and tape it to the top of the dome.

Large pieces are approximately 1" thick
Small pieces 1/2" thick

Step 6: Fire Hydrant Arms

Cut a 1" strip of cardboard out.

Cut in half.  Roll it out, and roll it into a tight sushi shape.  Tape it. 

Tape the arm to the mini fire hydrant.

Do the same to the second arm.

Cut a 1/2" strip and cover the top and bottom circumference of the hydrant to create a definition between the dome and the body of the hydrant.  Tape it to the body.

Step 7: Epoxy Seal

Open epoxy package, and mix the contents.  With a brush that you will no longer use, paint the epoxy on, to cover the cardboard holes, and seal the body.  This will create a water proof seal.

Step 8: Paint the Body, and Introduce to Your Pup

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