Introduction: Little Mix - No More Sad Songs - Leigh-Anne Makeup Tutorial

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So when I first watched the new Little Mix music video No More Sad Songs I just fell in love with all the girls makeup and I had to pick one to recreate so here is Leigh-Annes Makeup

Step 1:

First you want to prime your face and then apply your foundation all over your face making sure not to leave out your neck. Then with your concealer apply this to your under eyes, chin, forehead and node to highlight your face and get rid of any dark circles. Then as you applied liquid to make it last all day you want to set this with powder. So you want to apply a lose powder where you applied your concealer then just any powder everywhere else.

Step 2:

Then with some bronzer you want to shape your face as Leigh-Anne has a very structured face. So to do this you want to apply this to the hollows of your cheeks, hairline, jawline and nose.

Step 3:

For the brows she has very straight with a slight bend to them so just do them however you would normal if you want to.

Step 4:

For the eyes she has very watery- shimmery looking lids so just apply a light pink shimmer shadow to them. If you want it to look wetter you can wet your brush a little.

Then for the rest of the eye you want to create a wing with your shadow. First I used a pink shadow and applied the brush on the outer corner and brushed it up in the wing shape. Then you want to make your purple shades darker as you get nearer to the lash line to give that transition.

So for me I used 2 more purple/plum shades and then finally with a black right on the lash line making sure to blend all the colours together so there is no harsh lines.

Don't be afraid to use smaller brushes as this will actually be better so you have more control

Step 5:

To make the eyes appear larger apply a cream pencil or white to the waterline.

Step 6:

Now apply your mascara and lashes to your eyes. Leigh-Anne has very long lashes which also help open up your eyes.

Step 7:

For the lips apply a plum lipstick and then go over with a dark purple plum shade.