Introduction: Lively Lotus Earring

- 2 antique silver Flower Dangles
- 2 antique silver dapped Lotus filigree
- 3 inches of antique silver Krinkle Chain, cut into 2-1.5 inch pieces
- 2 antique silver simple loops ear wires
- 4 antique silver head pins, 2 inch
- 4 foiled Swarovski crystal margarita beads, 6 mm
- 4 jet druks, 4 mm

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Wire cutters

lick Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Step 1: Thread Head Pin Through Lotus, Druk and Crystal

Thread a head pin through one druk, one margarita, one filigree lotus, the hole in the flower dangle and a second margarita. Using your round nose pliers create a wrapped loop on the headpin that includes one of the chain lengths as shown. Make certain the beads are stacked tightly.

Step 2: Attach Head Pin and Druk to Chain

Thread a head pin through a druk and using your round nose pliers wrap a loop on the top of the druk including the other end of the chain section.

Step 3: Attach to Ear Wire

With your chain nose pliers gently open the loop on a simple ear loop and attach it to the ring on the flower dangle. Close securely. Repeat steps 1-3 to make second earring.