Introduction: Liver Cake a Dog Training Treat

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When training a dog it is always useful to have some form of reward for them. However a lot of commercial products have additives and preservatives.

We make a Garlic Liver Cake as it is simple, easy to make and healthy

The dogs love it!

Note I have edited as I didn't specify the amount of Garlic

It is tiny (1/4 teaspoon in 2LBS of mix) and is mainly for it's aroma which is irresistable to mutts.

At this low concentration it is completely safe but can be left out if you wish

I was given this recipe by a VET - small amounts of garlic can be beneficial. Large amounts are dangerous however the same can be said of just about everything!!

Step 1: Ingredients

Now we keep sheep and when it comes time to slaughter we keep the offal, a lot of people don't like liver (personally I love it) but we get about 50lbs a year, so this is a good way of using up any remaining from the previous year.

All measurements are for 1LB of liver


1LB Liver

1LB Flour (anything but self raising)

50ml Milk

1 Egg

1/4 tea spoon Crushed Garlic or Garlic Powder(this is just for aroma and will be a trace element and thus not dangerous for dogs



Microwave safe dishes




Step 2: Step 1 Mix

Chop 1lb liver into small chunks and blend

Add 1LB flour, 1 Egg, 50ml Milk and Garlic

Mix thoroughly

If the mixture looks a little dry then add a little water

It should be thick custard consistency

Step 3: Step 2 YUM!

Put half of the mixture in a microwave safe dish (I'm sorry it looks like the contents of a nappy at this point!)

Spread it about 2cm thick

Microwave for 3 minutes

Step 4: Step 3 Turn

Turn it over on to a plate and microwave for a further minute.

Check it, if still soft then do another 30 seconds or so

When properly cooked it should be a bread/meatloaf type consistency

Step 5: Step 4 Cool and Cut

Cut into 2cm chunks and freeze.

If you use layers of cooking paper it is easy to separate small amounts at a time

Even frozen it will still be spongy and ready to use