Introduction: Living Room Table From Wooden Pallets

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To start I'll write congratulations to the and that I'm a big fan of it. I'm sorry for any mistakes I'll make in grammar or whatever, i'm Cypriot.
Also we (Cypriots) we do not use any safety glasses, gloves, boots etc till we heart our selfs. So as long as i post pictures without the use of any safety objects it means that I didn't learned any lesson ;)

My 1st instructable is here...

I wanted a table for my lofts' living room but i didn't want to buy one. My fiance asked me if I can build one from wooden pallets. (I don't like to say no, so I said yes=D )

Step 1: Sanding

I wanted to find the wooden pallets. So one day while I was at my uncles house I asked him if he have any and he told that he have plenty of them on his farm. I pass through the farm and I picked 3 of them that it wasn't that dirty and it was in a good condition.

Start by sanding the pallets. You can use a sand paper or even better a sanding machine if you have one. It gonna makes your life way easier and you will sand them much faster.

Step 2: Apply the Primer

I start priming with a spray that i bought from Home Center for about 6 Euro but I realize that I would have need 10 sprays if I continue with it so I bought liquid prime (1L for 10 Euro approximately).

Step 3: Painting the Pallets

I bought the colors we decided I was about to paint them with my fiance. I used sprays which are specifically design for graffiti. Again I needed 2-3 of each color for each pallet. Each spray was 5 euro.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

I have no idea how you call them in English, so I'll be calling them "plastic feet" till somebody let me know how... 
8 of them was about 2euro.
And silicon bases for the glass on the top was 12 of them for 1.85.

The glass on the top, i measure the pallet I would have had on the top and I add 2cm on length & width so the glass will not be exactly as long as the length and the width of the pallet. I order the glass from a friend who owns an aluminum factory and he gave it to me for free (I owe him a coffee). 

Step 5: Table Is READY !

Some hints that I will keep in mind for my next wooden pallet instructable.

1 .Find out how you want to have your table. (like mine or you want each corner to be above the other)
In case its the 2nd one you better find the same size pallets, Mine wasn't.

2. Before sanding is better to disassemble the pallets. Sanding will be easier and faster, same with painting. Then get some screws  and assembly the pallets again. I think it will be more steady too.