Introduction: Long Drink of Water Earring

- 8 inches Swarovski crystal chain, cut into 2-4 inch pieces
- 17.5 inches colored ball chain, cut into 2-5 inch and 2-3.75 inch pieces
- 6 inches antique brass ball chain, cut into 2-3 inch pieces
- 2 Elaine Ray disc beads, 12 mm
- 2 machine end caps
- 1 pair simple ear loops
- 2 inches, 20 gauge wire

- Chain nose pliers
- Wire cutters
- Round nose pliers
- 527 jewelry glue
- Toothpick

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Step 1: Glue Chain Into Machine End

Place a small drop of glue into a machine end. Use the toothpick to spread the glue around so that the inside of the machine end is coated. Fit one piece of each style and length of chain into the end, positioning the crystal chain so that it faces 'forward' on the machine end cap. Repeat to make the tassel for the second earring and set both aside to dry for 24 hours.

Step 2: Create Beaded Link

Create a beaded link with the wire and Elaine Ray bead.

Step 3: Attach Ear Wire, Beaded Link and Chain Tassel

Use the beaded link to attach the chain tassel to the ear loop. Repeat to create second earring.