Introduction: Longboard Rack

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The Purpose:

I began building longboards (instructable soon to follow) and built so many at a time that I needed a rack big enough to hold a lot of boards, but to not take up a lot of space. Id seen racks that attached to the wall, but I wanted a standalone rack that could be moved easily.

Step 1: The Supplies


2- 1”x2’x2’ plywood squares

box of screws

black spray paint

Step 2: The Design Step 1

This shelf was a quick design, very simple, but very useful. I determined that the two shelves needed to be 20” apart to accommodate for all sizes of boards. I cut 4 18” 2”x4” pieces (18” to accommodate for the two 1” boards).

I determined that I needed a hole of about 1 ½” to make the “shelf” part on the rack. I used a paddle bit, lining up the holes 8 inches in from the side to make sure the boards would sit in the shelf enough. I used our drill press to drill the holes nice and straight.

  1. I then used blue tape and taped from the hole to the edge at an upward angle to mark out where I needed to jig saw. I copied the angle all the way down and then cut them out. I used this first side as a guide and traced it onto the rest of the sides of the boards.

Step 3: The Design Step 2

I went over the whole shelf with a light sanding, rounding over the corners where longboards would sit to keep them from getting scratched. Then I sprayed the whole shelf black.

Step 4: The Final Product

I weight tested the shelf and it held 8 boards with ease. Its light enough to be easily moved around my workshop and was less than $20!

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