Introduction: Danny Phantom and Sam Halloween Costumes

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Heres an Instructable on how to make some sweet Danny Phantom and Sam Manson costumes!

Step 1: The Inspiration

This Halloween, my girlfriend and I wanted to dress up as something creative, original, and uncommon. Last year we dressed up as Rick and Morty, so we must've been in the tv show mindset when we thought about Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom was a show that ran from 2004-2007, and I highly suggest you look it up if you've never seen it. We both grew up watching the show and knew nobody else would think to dress up as the two main characters Danny and Sam.

Step 2: Costume 1: Danny Phantom

List of Materials:

Black Morph Suit ($30)

White T-Shirt ($2)

White Hairspray ($7)

Sheet of Sticky Fabric ($2)

Thermos ($10)

Various Paints for Thermos ($10)

White Gloves ($2)

White Shoes

White Socks

For my costume, I had two main parts to create: the suit and the Fenton Thermos. For my suit, I started with a black morph suit from my local halloween store that ran me about $30. I then chose some white shoes (Hi-Top Vans) and long socks. I bought a $2 white T-shirt from Wal-Mart to make the collar and the belt. I laid the T-Shirt down and cut out the neck with roughly 4 inches of material off of the collar to make the top part of the suit. I then cut straight across the bottom a 4 inch strip in order to make the belt. I used safety pins and folded the material over onto itself in order to take the slack out of the T-shirt loop.

Step 3: Danny Phantom Part 2

For the Chest Logo, I first found it online and saved the image. I then sized it to fill an entire sheet of paper. I cut out the logo, traced it onto the sticky fabric sheet, and then cut out the trace. The back peels off and is incredibly sticky so I didn't put the logo on until I was completely dressed and ready to leave.

* I should've traced it onto the back and cut it out so I wouldn't have Sharpie marks, but oh well.

Step 4: Danny Phantom Part 3

I went to Academy and bought a 32 oz water bottle that would serve as my Fenton Thermos. I primed the can with white spray paint, then a metallic gray paint. I used a glow in the dark green paint for the top and bottom, then used a black paint marker to add the details in. Its not exact, but I like it. I used a spray on clear coat to protect the paint from getting scratched. This piece took the most time and needed several layers/time to dry in between.

After finishing my thermos, I got entirely dressed, put the logo on my chest, and then sprayed my hair with the white hairspray. I styled it how I wanted it first because you can't move your hair after coloring it. I used about a whole can. Make sure to cover your costume so you don't get white flecks and also cover your mouth or spray it outside because the smell is pretty strong.

Step 5: Costume 2: Sam Manson

List of Materials :

Black Shirt ($5)

Black Skirt ($15)

Purple Fabric ($2)

Purple Tights ($4)

Purple Lipstick ($1)

Green Tape ($1)

Green Scrunchie ($1)



For my girlfriends costume she started with her two main parts, the shirt and skirt. I made her an oval that filled an entire sheet of paper and printed it out. She cut out the oval and traced it onto the purple fabric. She cut out the oval and used double sided taped it to her shirt (after putting the shirt on). She then used the green tape to make the plaid design on her skirt (so she could take it off and keep the skirt for later). She only plaided the front because the tape on the back would break off when she bent over. Other than that she basically put on all her other pieces and her costume was done.

Step 6: How'd We Do?

We got all dressed and went to our Halloween party. Lucky for us, it was of people our age and many people recognized our costumes. Just as a precaution, we memorized the Danny Phantom theme song on the way to the party. Doesn't hurt to also know some catchphrases from the show. Let us know how we did below and what we should do next year! these costumes were pretty easy to put together and were super comfortable!

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