Introduction: Longer Selfie Stick in 5 Minutes

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Selfie Stick is a popular gadget if you like to shoot photos of yourself and with friends specially outdoors.

In this instructable, I'll show you how I made this easy Selfie Stick with stuff around my house that helped me shoot those great photos.

I found that the world record longest Selfie Stick until dated AUG. 2017 is 16 meters registered on APR.2017.

This on is a little bit shorter than 16 meters but sure is long enough to make great photos.

As you always know from my instructables, I like making things that can be done easily and from recycled materials.

It took me only 5 Minutes to build this instructable.

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Step 1: Get the Material

I generally like making instructables out of recycled or reused stuff around my environment.

Using this configuration, I could have real time access to the photos I shoot and see what is going on for the stills and videos

Step 2: Connect and Shoot

All I have done is :

Connecting the two metal pipes together.

Install the WiFi camera on the tripod.

Install the tripod onside the metal pipe.

Congratulations. You now have an 8 meters selfie stick.

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