Introduction: Loom Bands

Today I will be showing you how to make the triple single rainbow loom bracelet so let's get started. I just wanted to say sorry if the pictures are not the best and sorry if this is not explained that well but hope you enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need

These are the things you are going to be needing

S clip or a C clip:
And bands:

(How much bands I used)

27 black bands:
7 red bands:
7 orange bands:
7 yellow bands:
6 green bands;
7 blue bands:
7 purple bands:

I think that's all

Step 2: Placing the Bands

You are going to start with a row of your rainbow so start with red go up 7 bands and then go up with orange 7 times as well.
You can see where there start and end on the pictures. You start with the centre and then go to the first left and then go up all the way and then go down to the top centre.
Push then down a little bit

Step 3: Placing the Bands Row 2

You are going to do the same thing but in the centre so grab your yellow and go up 7 times and then start with your green and go up 6 times and then you should have reached the top

Step 4: Placing the Bands Row 4

You are going to do the same thing that you did on the left so go up with your blue 7 times and then go up 7 times up with your purple and then you should have reached the end.

Step 5: Placing Some Black

You are going to make little arrows with your black you can then upside down or the right way up its up to you and you do that all the way up.

Step 6: Hooking

This part is a little tricky.

You want to flip your loom around and then you make a caping band and place that on the end of the centre and then you can hook all of then up. So go in to the centre and grab the purple one and hook that back where it came from and then go in to the one you have just hooked and then grab the other purple one and then you go all the way up. you do the same thing on the left side and then when you have done that you go into the centre and then grab the green one and then go all the way up that's really all you do sorry if you can't understand me.

Step 7: The End

So now you want to get your hook and get it
And put it through all of the bands (this is were we started we are doing this where we started)
And then get a other band and pull it though but hold it at the same time and then put the one part that your holding and put it back on your hook and then pull really carefully and take it all off

Step 8: The Finally Finished Step

Start by making a line of black bands and and then at the end put the bracelet on the last one and then hook then all up and then put the s clip on the start and then pull it of and then place the s clip on the other side and then your done.
Hope you enjoyed this see you next time
Sorry if I get the words wrong

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