Introduction: Gather Your Materials

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So for this charm you will need:
•Loom (Any Type)
•Crochet Needle or Loom Pick
•Rubber Bands (sturdy)

Step 1: Connecting Part

So as you can see in the intro the headphones have a green fishtail holding the actual "speakers". In this steps, you have a few options. You can either make a normal fishtail, a double fishtail, a single loop, or a double single loop. The point is that of you would like to insert a wire to make the connecting part bendable, you will want something that will cover it up, so I recommend a fishtail.

Now, all you need to do is make a fishtail with 20 links. So take twenty bands and use them to make a fishtail. When you are done, put on your hook for later.

Step 2: The First Layer

There are quite a few layers in this charm, which gives it a very 3-D look. So lay double bands as shown going counter-clockwise in a hexagonal pattern as shown. This is your first layer. It is a lot like a starburst bracelet, so if you know how to make one, this will be a piece of cake=)

Step 3: Second Layer

Now, using a new color, take double bands and place them as shown in a counter-clockwise direction. Then wrap a single band around the center peg three times, creating four loops. This is your second layer

Step 4: Begin Looming

When I was taking pictures, I began to realize that the looming process I was using would not work with the fishtail part, so in the pictures you see the fishtail part on the loom. DO NOT PUT IT ON THE LOOM YET! This will make it extremely hard to do the next few steps.

Let's go ahead and begin the looming process! Go inside of you cap band and grab the top two, as shown. They will go forward right diagonal. Go inside again and grab the next two and so on until all of them have been loomed as shown.

Step 5: Place Your Fishtail

Due to my mistake, I need to make this extra step. At the bottom, take the four bands (mine are pink) and put them on your hook as shown. Then place the fishtail. After that, place the bands back on and proceed to make your headphones! Once again, I'm sorry!

Step 6: Looping Bands

Now it's time to add the 3-D look. Slide your hook through the bands shown. Then take double bands and pull hem through. Loop them onto themselves and put on loom as shown. Repeat five more times for each point.

Step 7: Third Layer

Now it's time to add your third layer. Push down all of your bands down, because it's time to add some more bands! Using single bands, place them counter-clockwise as shown. Then, using a single band, wrap it around three times, creating four loops.

Step 8: Looming the Third Layer

Like before, you have to loom it in the same way you do a starburst. Go inside of the band and grab the top band. Loom it right diagonal forward. Continue until each point is loomed.

Step 9: Looming the Outside

Now it's time to loom the outside of your headphones. At the top, go in the bands until you get the double bands you placed earlier that we're in the shape of a hexagon that goes right diagonal backwards. Then repeat this process until you have loomed the entire outside and it looks like the pictures shown.

Step 10: Slip Knot

Now, at the top, loop a single band through all of the bands. Then pull one end tutti ugh the other and give it a tug. This is the simple slip knot, so hopefully you have no problem doing it.

Step 11: Tucking the Slip Knot Away

The slip knot sort of looks tacky when you take your first speaker off the loom. So tuck it away as shown. Then you have your first speaker! Ta-da!

Step 12: Repeat All of the Steps!

Now you must repeat the steps from before (the steps you followed to make the first speaker part). First place the bands in a hexagonal pattern as shown and follow the next few steps!

Step 13: Place the Other Part of Your Headphones on the Loom UPSIDE DOWN!

Step 14: Place Double Bands As Shown in a Counter-Clockwise Direction and Add the Cap Band

Step 15: Loom Your Bands in a Counter-Clockwise Direction

Step 16: Add the 3-D Look Again With the Bands Shown. Then Place the Third Layer As Shown

Step 17: Loom the Third Layer in a Counter-Clockwise Direction

Step 18: Loom the Outside Once More

Step 19: Create the Slip Knot

Step 20: Remove From the Loom

Now it's time to remove your new charm from the loom! Hopefully you did it! HOORAY!

Step 21: Add a Wire and Accessorize!

Now, if you would like to, push a wire through the connecting part. This way, you can bend it into the shape you would like. Then put it on a Barbie, a My Little Pony, a Littlest Pet Shop, or whatever you would like to put it on and enjoy! Please show me some pictures of yours and leave any looming suggestions! Thanks for viewing=)

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