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I made this robot light from an old camera and scrap wood, I loved the mix of metal and wood plus the fun aspect of it. It took some figuring out how get into it as it was all seized up.

Step 1: Tools

I started off with a £5 camera from ebay, A 1950's Ful-View Ensign, you can get cheaper ones but they are more just a rectangular box, as soon as I saw this I could picture the basics of the head and "eyes" in it's chest.and decided a shelf bot would look good.

Tools used

Soldering iron


Dremel type multi-tool and bits

Bandsaw DW135 but you could do the wood work by hand

Hot glue gun

Step 2: Materials


Ful-View Ensign camera

A rechargeable battery 240volt to 12v power supply 0.8 amps 9 watt

Mahogany slat from a recycled chair

A Scrap of broom handle

Pallet wood

2 x 3volt bright white LED's

1 x 270 ohm resistor

Spray tin of varnish

Step 3: The Build

Getting the camera apart was a bit tedious as it was corroded inside, I removed the rollers and insides.

Drilled a hole into the compartment which housed the flash and removed it. Drilled a hole into the case for the low voltage wires and glued them in place after soldering the resistor and two LED's to the wire after cutting the existing plug off the power pack. (I used youtube for formula to find the resistor required, they also can show you everything needed for any build first soldering of wires in almost 40 years for me)

Made the arms and legs on the bandsaw but you could do it by hand, I'd maybe configure the arms better if doing it again, perhaps straight out or less of an angle. legs and arms simple tenon type joints then screwed after drilling a pilot hole.

The stovepipe hat is broom handle and black walnut, the antenna is a hand carved scrap of pallet wood

I could have used one LED because the light from this is very bright and a bit uncomfortable to look at if in your eyes.

I then varnished it with a cheap varnish spray and it made a huge difference to the finish

12 volts make this a non dangerous item although it isn't a toy

Step 4:

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